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VIBRANT SCIENTISTS ( Vibrant Melos ) ,we bring you an overview of their soulful OTHER REALMS EP and an exclusive interview with MELOS and VIBRANT from SONATA RECORDINGS.



ITUNES: http://goo.gl/FY9evI

JUNO: http://goo.gl/CdXfDa

TRACKITDOWN: http://goo.gl/qbFU1v

BEATPORT: http://goo.gl/D9K7NK


Hi Michael & Sean how are you ? Tell us something about yourselves.

Hey guys. I’m Michael aka Melos and this is Sean aka Vibrant. Together we are Vibrant Scientists, we’re 31 and 34 respectively and have been into music for around 20 years, first with DJ’ing then starting to produce drum & bass, house & techno music for about 9 years now.

How did you come up with project Vibrant Scientists? Tell us something about this project and how did it come about?

Vibrant Scientists all began when Michael moved to Brighton and already had a small studio set up which Sean started using a bit and it all went from there. We then moved into a flat together about 3 years after that and really started working hard at production from that point.

You released a quality EP on New Progress LTD. Please tell us something about the Other Realms EP and the tracks on it?

The Other Realms EP is a project we are really pleased with. The lead track ‘Other Realms’ was started by myself (Melos), then taken to Brighton last Xmas as part of a week and a half non-stop studio session in Vibrant’s brand new studio set up. He’s spent a long time building and treating the room acoustically, double doors, completely soundproofed, it really is amazing to write in there. The mixdown we achieved was some of the best we’ve ever worked on so the results are shown in the rest of the tracks on this EP. We managed to get around ten tracks finished in the time we worked and they have all been recieved quite well by labels around the whole world, yours included. ‘Evaisive Action’ is another one that I started up north and took to the south for a final mixdown to make sure the deep vibes growled a bit more! ‘Revolution’ started as just a few little ideas Vibrant had got going and I really liked the vibe so we added lots to it and it just came together pretty quickly. It has some beautiful little quiet moments, very atmospheric that one! ‘Fortune Teller is one of our faveourites from this EP, the Apollo mission spoken word and chilling sounds tease you for a bit before you get the amen break to underpin the whole track and finish it off nicely.

Are you releasing any new music in the near future, and on which labels?

Yeah for sure, we have a lot of music out there right now, as well as stuff forthcoming on Ted Ganung’s label Deeper Vision, we just signed a two track single for Liquid Brilliants, this EP with you guys on New Progress LTD, we have a vinyl release out soon on our own imprint Sonata Recordings, it’s on a small offshoot simply called Sonata LTD and will be white label 10” vinyl, hand stamped and limited to 100 copies. I also have a Melos & Friends EP coming out soon on 22 Digit Recordings on a house and techno vibe with some wicked support from Laurant Garnier, Josh Wink, Brothers Vibe and Moodymanc. I write a lot of house and techno stuff with Kyber and with other people and it’s going really well so it’s good not to just stick to drum & bass all the time, Vibrant is exactly the same he likes to write house stuff regularly.

Searching your name in google, I found out about the labels that you are managing. Can you tell something more about them?

Myself and Vibrant run Sonata Recordings, a drum & bass label that’s been around for about 4 years now. I also run Mora Music with Frederic. It’s a house & techno label which has been running a year or so longer and they are both doing very well in terms of popularity and support. We have started doing fairly regular vinyl releases on both labels now they are established and since striking a proper distribution deal with SRD, our products and files are everywhere they should be. We aren’t making any money yet because of the small runs of vinyl we do, but we feel it’s crucial and is the back bone of any decent label these days. Vinyl is more important than ever now and being the vinyl junkies we all are, it’s our number one priority even though it’s always running at a loss. We really do this stuff for the love of it, and nothing else. Not interested in the politics or the money. Just good music, plain and simple, it’s our philosphy on both labels. I am also about to set up a third label with Kyber called Nibiru Recordings which will solely be for vinyl & digital releases of our own material. You can find any of our labels simply by searching ‘Sonata Recordings’ ‘Mora Music’ or ‘Nibiru Recordings’.



What led you to start your own labels? Don’t you think that the market is over saturated with music labels nowadays?

The music industry is over saturated with shit labels yes. Good labels, not so saturated. There are many people doing amazing things right now, and myself and Sean support many of them personally by buying all the music that we do. However, we see more and more labels pop up every week, but it’s cool because they don’t last. I say the more labels and the more music, the better. Gone are the days of everything been controlled or restricted in any way. Music has to keep evolving and if that means everybody and his dog starting up labels then so be it. It would be hypocritical to say otherwise, we were just another label 5 years ago!

What are your goals with these labels? What do you want to reach ?

Our goal is to keep supplying great music to people that want to hear it, and nuture & support our artists in anyway we can. Also it’s very important that we find new artists as they may not get heard about otherwise and Sonata is focused firmly on good music no matter who made it or if they’re known about. Breaking new artists is crucial.

Do you have any special producer selection method of how to choose the right music for your label? How much time does it take to make the right choice ?

If it’s good, and it’s something we have a personal love for and passion for, we sign it. Very simple.

Would you like to add something in conclusion?

Just like to say thanks to everyone buying our music, those tuned into Sonata Recordings Radio (first Sunday of every month on Liquid Sessions Radio) and anyone who regularly supports our music in their sets or listens to the Melocast or Melodic Vault (also just search either to find them).

Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this interview and good luck with your labels & music.

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