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IM3 and his long-awaited debut album SILENCE BEFORE THE STORM is already here, we bring you a complete overview of the first part, the first feedbacks, links to download and exclusive interview

silence Before Storm Blue


ITUNES: http://goo.gl/xneI8z

JUNO: http://goo.gl/1wm7jy

TRACKITDOWN: http://goo.gl/qbFU1v

BEATPORT: http://goo.gl/RbrbwX

Could you tell us something about yourself?

Hi to all the listeners and fans, my name is Pavol Pagacik and I work in music industry since I was a child. About the DnB music, I started to listen to it around 1999 when this kind of music came slowly to our country from Russia and England and as Im music fan I didnt wanna miss it. I was interested in it so much that I started with production in 2001 and later in 20004 with DJ-ing.

How did you get to DnB and was it the best part of it for you?

I dont really remember it, I just know it started with internet connection :), somehow I got the tracks from Russia and after that I regularly started to watch NUBORN mixes from legendary Paul B. I really liked that speed on Dnb, also very specific drums and variegation of sub-genres.

You are not only a DJ but also a producer, how long do you produce and where did you issued your tracks till now?

I do production nearly 11 years. I can say that Im the opposite of everything what is happening in this time. I mean I have never been interested in sending my tracks to the publishers. I always wanted to have my own tracks and I always expected something more of life and music, thats why I didnt have any big releasies till now.

I do it only because of me and my realization, I always dreamed a lot and gave myself very big goals. I think that kept me alive and happy.

You are publishing your debut album called Silence before storm part 1, how was the work on it?

The work on my album was difficult and as I always inovated something on production technic or sounds I found myself in ice point not only once. I reliazed that the track that I made half and year before its totally different as the track now so I had to changed it every time.

What is the meaning of album name? Do you havy any expectations in your future?

Silence Before The Storm means a lot to me. Its like a book of a writer. I worked on it 3 years and I didnt know when it will be done, what number will be last. Now its about 20 tracks that makes a whole projeject which is in progress.


What was your inspiration? Where do you find new ideas?

Whole album is about a life. The ideas were always around me. There is nothing more beautiful in life of producer than the experience and feeling of his life that he can put into the music.

Silence Before The Storm is ipsissimis verbis a process of life period when every track ment something in it and every track means something to me. People who cares about feelings and ideas that I put into my music will understand it without any word.

The album will be published on your new label New Progress ltd, can you introduce it to us?

New Progress ltd is a label that has constant development. I wanted to introduce to people the music as a whole piece, not only the genres such as DnB, but also the genres which have a soul and an action.

The label is not against improving or adding new genres by contrast originality and quality are on the first place for us. I think the 2014th year will be very interested for many fans. On January we already have prepared debut album from famous Slovak producer iBSTRACT where you can also find the names such as BLUE MOTION,TRILO,DEPHZAC,BLT and many others.

In the name of your album is a label „part 1“. When can we expect the second part?

The next part of album SBS will be published in the beginning of new year. There you will have a chance to find names such as BEEPO,A-CRAY,MIDAS,or remix from DIGITAL SOAP.

We know you did some collaborations with other producers. How was the work with them?

It was kind of difficult as every producer comes from different part of the world so we had to work via Internet. Thats why most of the track was finished in 2-3 days.

Who would you like to work with in the future and why?

Well, its hard to say. For me it was always spontaneous decision to work with. When I like somebodys music or somebody contacts me I do it. Then I decide what is better: colab or remix.

What producers music production was most interested to you in last days?

I have to say that I fixated on myself in last days. I found out that listening to other music tracks can make me influenced and then I can loose originality. But I prefer younger and new fresh music producers. The fixed stars kind of stopped to be interested to me anymore because i cannot see any progress so in last days I was kind of into the NOISA music production because they are the producers how I imagine.

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