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We wish you happy New Year!

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With the year 2015 coming to an end, we can now say that it has been without any doubt our most successful year yet. The music that we received, that we had released, as well as the artists that we had a chance to get to know has been inspirational and only proved that it is all worth the effort. We’re entering 2016 fully motivated and ready to develop our new ideas for Progress to bring you even more quality music. We are extremely grateful for all the support and feedback from our listeners and amazing input from the musicians.

We wish you happy New Year!

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iM3 on DPH:LTD Presents – Various Producers

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The ‘Various Producers’ was created after the Slovak scene got into position where is a huge potential to offer maximum quality which is confirmed by the success of our domestic producers. All this folded compilation will reprezent current Drum & Bass sound, which is currently being born in our small country.

We are introducing the momentary top but also newcomers and integral part of our home scene that has slowly but surely going through the global market presented by domestic and foreign labels. And we are sure that names like TRILO – OPEN CODE – MINOR RAIN – INKWALL – AMPLIFIED MOTION – ERASER – SUBTENSION – KUTLO – IM3 – DEPHZAC – iBSTRACT – TANHAX – ENEMY OF THE STATE will guarantee outstanding quality.

Beatport : pro.beatport.com/release/various-producers/1671846
Juno : www.junodownload.com/products/vario…rs/2964956-02/
iTunes : itunes.apple.com/sk/album/various…ers/id1065850019

Links :

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iTUNES: https://goo.gl/6nFrMx
JUNO: http://goo.gl/GvOeHn
BEATPORT: https://goo.gl/TA6RFs


Do you remember what got you hooked on drum&bass? Are you working with any other music genres?
A: I guess the first few raves in 07/08 got me addicted to this music. Those aggressive breaks and grooves – the feeling and power this music can bring – it’s just amazing. I’ve never had this in another genre. I mean I love Hip Hop, Soul, Raggae, Dancehall etc too and I guess there is a lot of influence of that in my work but I think for now I’ll stick to the 175 BPM. It’s just so much fun to produce and the range of this genre is just so big.

How long have you been producing and how did you get to production?
A:Like most producer I came into producing after I started DJ’ing. I started DJ’ing at some raves in 2010 and came to producing in 2012. After two years of just bringing tracks from other producers to people I thought: “How cool would it be if they would completely lose it to your own tracks?”

What or who would you describe as key musical influences throughout your life? Where do you find inspiration for your music?
A: As I mentioned before I listen to a lot of other genres too. I think my main influences right now come from the Hip Hop and Soul scene. To name a few: Monophonics, Charles Bradley, Lee Fields or just some old school hip hop like Big L, Pete Rock, Lords of the Underground.. the list goes on.
It’s just fun to bring this kind of style to another genre.
In the Drum&Bass scene huge influences for me are guys like Octane&DLR (Method in the Madness is my absolutefavourite D&B Album), LSB, Command Strange, Artificial Intelligence, S.P.Y, Break etc.


You just released a new EP at New Progress LTD label, could you tell us something about it? What was your writing process?
A: Wow, working process..sitting in the studio, having fun.. I guess. I just made some tracks that felt good to me. A lot went into the bin. I didn’t really follow a plan or such.

Are you working on anything else at the moment? Planning any other upcoming releases or collaborations?
A: Yes I have a lot incoming. I’m working on a lot of liquid tunes which will come out in this summer on Such Music. Also I recently finished a remix for Proton Kid which will come out on Druid Records. I’m working on a collab with IM3. And yeah..a lot of dubs which are just waiting to be signed!

You’re also a DJ, where can people usually see you mixing live? Are you playing at any upcoming events?
A: I’m in a crew called “Schnell&Primitiv” – which basically means “Fast&Primitive”. We had a lot of events the last years and we are residents in a club in Mosbach (a small town in germany). Usually we make small partys, again it’s just the fun that counts, but we also had big Acts like Maldini, Dub Zero, Modified Motion, Rowney&Propz and more. The next big thing for me will be a Let It Roll preparty with KG and MC Kryptomedic.

Is there any track or tracks that you always like to bring with you to an event? What would be your favourite tunes from the past year or so?
A:That’s a tough question. There are so many new releases that are so good.
For me tunes like SetUp The Set from Octane & DLR, Dj Die – Clear Skyz (Break Remix), Skumbag VIP by Drumsound& Bassline Smith or classics like Timewarp or Mr. Happy are always good. But that’s just some of a million.

My favourite recent releases are Caligo by Spor and Seeing Sounds by DLR.
Again there are much more releases that I love but those two albums were just amazing.

Do you have an ultimate goal in your music carrier?
A:I think my biggest goal would be to hear a track of me in a live-set of a DJ I always looked up to.

Thank you very much for a great interview!

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bw photo

Beat Textures is rich sound bed of rhytmic loops and sounds designed for mordern electronic soundsmiths looking for experimental percussion and organic toploops to acentuate their beat productions.

This collection has been produced and recorded by Jan Zborovjan, AKA Eraser an exciting new producer whos work with delPurr on Loodma and venerable Blu Mar Ten music and the Med School Label has recieved great feedback from the industry.

The Loops and sounds included in this collection can be used stand alone for more experimental, abstract or cinematic style rhythms but they come into there own when you layer them on top of more traditional electronic drum sounds and loops as you would a top loop or percussion part to add space and air, breathing life into stale loops.

The Pack includes 207 loops at 125, 127, 140 and 173BPM and the loops can be easily browsed in folders such as Drum Loops which are full experimental grooves which are great for using stand alone in Ambient, Experimental Electronic or Movie Scores.  The Hat Loops folder contains otherworldly noises that form creative top loops which can be used to compliment any programmed electronic beat. The Rhythmic Textures folder if full of Crunchy Noise loops designed to be layered and sidechained over your regular beats to add interesting sonic characters to your drum patterns.The Collection finally contains 325 One Shot Samples including Crunchy Drums and Glitch Sounds, Organic SFX Hits and 15 Noise Sweeps.

In Detail expect to find 591Mb of 24Bit 44.1KHz Loops and Sounds including 108 Full Drum Loops, 34 Hat Loops, 65 Ryhtmic Loops, 287 Drum and Glitch Sounds, 23 SFX Hits, 15 Noise Sweeps, 220 Rex2 Files and 17 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Reason NNXT, Halion, Exs24 and SFZ formats.

The Collection is also available in Apple Loops, Ableton Live and Reason Refill to purchase seperately.

Check out the demo and get ready to sample Eraser – Beat Textures TODAY!


  • 591Mb
  • 24Bit 44.1KHz
  • 108 Full Drum Loops
  • 34 Hat Loops
  • 65 Ryhtmic Loops
  • 287 Drum and Glitch Sounds
  • 23 SFX Hits
  • 15 Noise Sweeps
  • 220 Rex2 Files
  • 17 Soft Sampler Patches

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Our friends over at Bay 6 Recordings have been working very hard to make their young label flourish and that hard work is shining through with their latest release.

Colchester based producer Kairos has delivered 2 beautiful tracks with Ho2k & Walks of Life and shows that if you take the time to look around it’s no just the big labels putting out the best tunes. I’m really impressed with this one and Bay 6 as a label, they are definitely worth watching in the future.

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iTUNES: http://goo.gl/UmcAFM
JUNO: http://goo.gl/fzU7ew
BEATPORT: http://goo.gl/ZwULMG

Hi, could you tell us something about you?

My name is, Tom Baillie, my artist name is, Kairos; I’m 22 and from the UK. For this project I compose experimental Drum & Bass music. I am currently working towards starting my degree in Film & Soundtrack production so I can acquire the knowledge I need to pursue a career as a composer in the future.

How long have you been producing? We saw that you are also a DJ; could you tell us more?

I’ve been technically producing since 2010, but after 2010 I only dabbled in music without ever taking it seriously, or considering it as a career. It wasn’t until the beginning of 2014 I started to study music and get serious; I rented a piano later on that year, and have been writing a lot of material on it since. Recently this year, I figured out my voice didn’t sound so bad either, and I have been trying to use it as much as possible in my compositions.

I am also a DJ, it’s been a while, but that was the thing that got me into music. I got a pair of turntables off of a friend in my last years of secondary school in 2009; I used to mix a lot in my room, I remember being really chuffed the first time I got two records playing at the same time in sync. At this point I was completely unaware of how music was created, but my curious nature eventually led me to finding out, and I’m glad it did.


And what other genres are you interested in?

I have a very large music library; I love the expression, “listen to music that doesn’t sound like yours”, so that is exactly what I do. I mostly listen to a lot of Neo-Classical music, Post-Rock, Avant-Garde Electronica, and Folk music. I am also a huge Hip Hop junkie.

On our label, we released a really great EP; could you tell us more about it?

It’s a collection of tracks I’ve been working on for the past 4 months or so. All of my work is improvisation based; I try not to wait for inspiration to come to me, I like to create it, it’s not that hard to achieve, one sound can create an entire song for me. With my tracks, I like to try and make them so; in the future they will re-create memories for me, and hopefully for other people too. That is one of the greatest things about music for me; songs are like time capsules.

Have you got any other releases in the near future?

Yes, I do. Near-ish anyway. I have a track that is going to be released at the end of this year on Terabyte Records, entitled, “Hall of Mirrors.” But, I have some stuff I’m currently polishing up for a possible release sooner. I’m also working on another project that focuses more on Avant-Garde Electronica; I have 4 songs I’m pretty happy with, so I will most likely be releasing some stuff under that name this year as well.

Could you tell us your 10 top tunes from last year? (2014)

There are definitely more than 10, but here are some off the top of my head, in no particular order.

I’ll say, firstly, I really liked “Heal” by Jan Amit.

Mefjus’ EP was something I really appreciated; the production was incredible.

Joe Ford’s “Off Centre” was very good. So many captivating textures and sounds in that one. Kiasmos put out “Bent”, which was a really cool track.

I really liked Foreign Concept – When Your Alone; the vibes on that were spot on. The Last of Us OST, by Gustavo Santaolalla was amazing.

Sorrow’s Hieroglyphics EP was something I enjoyed.

Dub Phizix & Strategy – Buffalo Charge. A track I didn’t really know what to make of, but I knew I liked it.

AWVFTS – ‘Atomos’ was beautiful.

Lastly, and my favourite on this list: Jon Hopkins with Raphaelle Standell – Form By Firelight.

If you were to say, this artist is my idol; what artist would it be?

I don’t really have an idol if I’m honest. I don’t like to get to the point where I am idolizing somebody, I think when you start to idolize you start to imitate, and that’s not good for music. There are several artists that I appreciate and who inspire me, but I like to concentrate more on what I’m doing than on what other people are doing; I’m not one for wearing t-shirts with the name of my favourite band on them.

Many thanks for your time. Would you like to say anything else?

The pleasure is all mine. I’ll say a quick thank you to everybody who appreciates, and supports my music. Hopefully I can continue to put out good material for you all to enjoy.

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iTUNES: http://goo.gl/cStz6G
JUNO: http://goo.gl/IMkL8h
TRACKITDOWN: http://goo.gl/qbFU1v
BEATPORT: http://goo.gl/1nJMmB

 How long have you been producing?

P: I have been devoted to music production for a bit longer than Jano – it is already hard for me to remember when exactly I started – with FL Studio itself, I must have been around 15-16 years old. But it certainly became full-fledged when me and Jano met and found out that we have the same hobby. After that, we realised that we liked the same music and gradually began producing, learning new things, the rules, sound engineering and so on. And it all lead to our collaboration on various projects in 2011.
J: That’s right … just to add, that moment was sometime in 2008/2009, which was also the moment when I finally found some courage to be more active at FL Studio. By then, I knew FL Studio for quite some time, but I was paralyzed because of all the possibilities if offered. I was afraid to take the step. One more fun fact –we were both relatively active since 2008 but in terms of collaboration we only matured in the 2011. Until then, we have commented on each other’s projects, probably all of them, but the idea of collaboration was unthinkable, because our opinions regarding music were completely different. Eventually, it turned out to be a huge advantage, and actually the main purpose of our collaboration.

MAIN 4x4

Production duo from Slovakia, loving atmospheres, details and beautiful melodies penetrated by strong deep bass. The duo joined forces and in 2013 released 16 tracks on such a labels as Blu Mar Ten Music, Loodma Recordings or Liquid Brilliants

Do you also produce music of other genres, apart from drum&bass?

P: Of course, our production isn’t taking just one specific direction. Apart from downbeat, drum&bass and other experimental electronic music, we are doing other music styles such as hip-hop or soundtrack music. Creativity has no limits and music genre is not a decisive element. Everything depends on the idea, if we start doing a track that is sad and deep, we finish it in a way that preserves the atmosphere.
J: The last year or two, I had the impression that we produce everything but DNB 😀 It resulted from the fact that we do things the way we feel and don’t produce DNB, just because it is DNB. Emotions have no boundaries in music and when choosing BPM, the producers should not have them ether. It’s all about current feelings. In any case, I am extremely pleased that we can contribute two DNB track to the EP… because for me, this genre has always been, and perhaps always will be, something special. It’s like my mobile home.

New Progress LTD label released your EP, what could you tell us about it?

P: Since with Jano we both like unusual things, we decided to show it this time. The EP is titled Everyone’s Different. The name itself is sort of a metaphor. This is because the tracks are all different from each other. Although the sound remains the same, they differ in the genre as well as the mood and atmosphere. What we’re trying to say is that despite the fact that everyone is different, in our essence we are all the same, although at the same time completely unalike.
J: Exactly. The name explains everything. I see this EP as a mix of four totally different animals, each with its particularities…coexisting under one roof, where their disparities contribute to, as I hope, an interesting result as a whole.

How was year 2014 for you? When can we expect the new tracks to be out?

P: Given that we both went through a lot of things that year, music-wise, 2014 was relatively calm. We released only one EP and we had no opportunities for other releases throughout the year. Nevertheless, Jano managed one extraordinary thing – to have his track released on a compilation by Med School label. Hopefully, this year will bring a change and it will be better – we are starting well – with this new EP. We already have some news at the production line – expect something different and novel for sure.
J: For me, 2014 was a year dedicated to finishing an absolute production revival (form sound design to building my own samples). According to how it went, I guess that 2015 will be a year of going into even deeper waters of sound design and audio engineering – the deepest. What will probably reflect in terms of the number of releases, but sound-wise, expect the unexpected 🙂

What would be your TOP 5 tracks of 2014?

P: That’s a very difficult question… 2014 was a year full of quality releases. I don’t want to be too specific, I’ll praise few albums though – the first one is Etherwood’s album with a corresponding name, which totally touched my heart and I consider it to be one of the best electronic music albums ever. Then, I was also pleasantly surprised by albums Logistics – Polyphony and Technimatic – Desire Paths, which are full of quality, energetic tracks. I also really liked music by InsideInfo or Enei, tracks like InsideInfo & Smooth – Hear me roar, or Enei – Prometheus.
J: I would never expect that I will say this, but for me, one of the TOP albums was Fred V & Grafix – Recognize. It is varied, well balanced, production-wise very developed and playful at the same time. Functionally combined modern electronic music with live instruments. Kimyan Law presented a surreal album, Bop and Culprate as well. Apart from that, traditionally InsideInfo…each track is a gem. I also have to mention State of Mind wth their very strong album and Tokyo Prose, whose liquid is so liquidy, that it gets me relaxed immediately, it has an incredibly soothing energy. Things by Hugh Hardie also grabbed my attention.

Which artist(s) influenced you the most and why?

P: I remember my 7-year older brother listening to prodigy in our room when I was just a child, and I remember how fascinated I was by the energy of the music. Until around 2003, I listened to anything, but then I received a track by FSOL – Papua New Guinea (High Contrast remix). From that moment, I started checking out this music genre, which later affected my entire production. High Contrast, Calyx & Teebe or later Bachelors of Science, Bop and Enei, just to name a few.
J: This question would be best answered by my subconscious, but I will give it a go. Initially, probably ATB and his atmospheric house, later it was melodic metal like Deftones, A Perfect Circle…and then Drum & Bass appeared in my life. Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix), Apex – Space Between, D&B Arena Mix by Andy C, Hospital production from 2003-2008 – and it was clear 🙂 Anyway, I constantly find new exceptional music, which helps me develop and grow in a way, Bop, Billain, Joe Ford…thankfully, there is a lot of it 🙂

Thank you for this great interview!

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Thanks everyone for entering the IBSTRACT Remix Contest! We loved listening to your remixes and it was really, really! hard to choose the winner. We had 25 submissions to go through, but we ended up narrowing it down to 5 tracks, out of which, one is the grand prize winner. Congratulations to our grand prize winner as well as the second winner who will be signed on the forthcoming remix EP. For us, all of you are winners and that’s why we decided to donate a free copy of the EP to all the participants. Everyone will receive a free download link of our recent EP as a thank you for entering the remix competition.

The forthcoming EP will be featuring remixes by main artists like IBSTRACT VIP remix IM3, with many other names to be announced really soon.

If you would like to be informed about our forthcoming releases, events, free downloads, competitions and more, sign up to the www.np-ltd.com newsletter! Make sure you check your spam-folder because it’s send directly via Mailchimp http://goo.gl/3K8zPc

Thanks so much! And here are the contest winners !

1.FREEMIND (grand prize winner)





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Hi dear friends, the remix competition is now over and we are glad to have so many signed entries.

After 7 days from today, we will announce the remix competition winners and as stated in our “TERMS & CONDITIONS”, we will announced more winners and one absolute winner who wins half a year unlimited mastering from our label.

Hope u guys and girls enjoy the remix competition, stay tuned and prepaired for more releases and forthcoming remix competition by Delpurr & Eraser.

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We are group of people with lifetime passion for music. NEW PROGRESS LTD is a music label releasing and promoting experimental and progressive kinds of electronic bass music such as Drum and Bass, Trap and forms of Dubstep. To let the world know about the new and original music as well as to support talented producers better, we need more creative and dedicated people.


You are a creative person who wants to use his/her skills in challenging environment. You have decent writing skills, so you can write texts about events, dj´s, producers,releases and everything that is happening around the label and music scene. You are confident in social media such a FB G+,TW and different communication channels, so you can write, promote the label, manage the newsletters, and keep everyone updated. You write ENGLISH extremely well and you are able to prove it. You are a proactive and responsible individual, who can actively support the NP-LTD TEAM and does not need to be always checked and reminded of his duties.


You get to be a part of a creative and open-minded team and a possibility to make a valuable contacts. You will be paid in form of exclusive incentives as access to music databases, learning programs, free tickets to events, and in near future royalties for great work. Personal development.NP-LTD label supports its contributors by guiding them and providing them with educational materials so you will learn how to use your potential to the fullest (not only in work). Professional development you get to learn many useful skills and this position looks definitely amazing on your portfolio or CV. Tons of good music and experience within the music industry. But the most important thing is that u have FATE in our own hands and u can fill your dreams.

Selection procedure will be carried out in 3 stages. The first phase will consist of a written test which will be sent to your email. Secondary test will be to create an interview with the producers of your choice. In the third stage of the selection, you will be invited to a personal interview (skype).


  • Shoot us three interesting story ideas you’d like to cover for NEW PROGRESS LTD in the near future.
  • DO NOT send us a cover letter. Just tell us why you’re awesome, what you’re passionate about, and why you want to join our team.
  • Send us your portfolio. (if u have)
  • Your rate (per article, per hour, per month) how much time u can spend with this work
  • Send us your CV
  • If you have interest in this work, please contact our press and media manager, at the mail press@np-ltd.com
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