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Do you remember what got you hooked on drum&bass? Are you working with any other music genres?
A: I guess the first few raves in 07/08 got me addicted to this music. Those aggressive breaks and grooves – the feeling and power this music can bring – it’s just amazing. I’ve never had this in another genre. I mean I love Hip Hop, Soul, Raggae, Dancehall etc too and I guess there is a lot of influence of that in my work but I think for now I’ll stick to the 175 BPM. It’s just so much fun to produce and the range of this genre is just so big.

How long have you been producing and how did you get to production?
A:Like most producer I came into producing after I started DJ’ing. I started DJ’ing at some raves in 2010 and came to producing in 2012. After two years of just bringing tracks from other producers to people I thought: “How cool would it be if they would completely lose it to your own tracks?”

What or who would you describe as key musical influences throughout your life? Where do you find inspiration for your music?
A: As I mentioned before I listen to a lot of other genres too. I think my main influences right now come from the Hip Hop and Soul scene. To name a few: Monophonics, Charles Bradley, Lee Fields or just some old school hip hop like Big L, Pete Rock, Lords of the Underground.. the list goes on.
It’s just fun to bring this kind of style to another genre.
In the Drum&Bass scene huge influences for me are guys like Octane&DLR (Method in the Madness is my absolutefavourite D&B Album), LSB, Command Strange, Artificial Intelligence, S.P.Y, Break etc.


You just released a new EP at New Progress LTD label, could you tell us something about it? What was your writing process?
A: Wow, working process..sitting in the studio, having fun.. I guess. I just made some tracks that felt good to me. A lot went into the bin. I didn’t really follow a plan or such.

Are you working on anything else at the moment? Planning any other upcoming releases or collaborations?
A: Yes I have a lot incoming. I’m working on a lot of liquid tunes which will come out in this summer on Such Music. Also I recently finished a remix for Proton Kid which will come out on Druid Records. I’m working on a collab with IM3. And yeah..a lot of dubs which are just waiting to be signed!

You’re also a DJ, where can people usually see you mixing live? Are you playing at any upcoming events?
A: I’m in a crew called “Schnell&Primitiv” – which basically means “Fast&Primitive”. We had a lot of events the last years and we are residents in a club in Mosbach (a small town in germany). Usually we make small partys, again it’s just the fun that counts, but we also had big Acts like Maldini, Dub Zero, Modified Motion, Rowney&Propz and more. The next big thing for me will be a Let It Roll preparty with KG and MC Kryptomedic.

Is there any track or tracks that you always like to bring with you to an event? What would be your favourite tunes from the past year or so?
A:That’s a tough question. There are so many new releases that are so good.
For me tunes like SetUp The Set from Octane & DLR, Dj Die – Clear Skyz (Break Remix), Skumbag VIP by Drumsound& Bassline Smith or classics like Timewarp or Mr. Happy are always good. But that’s just some of a million.

My favourite recent releases are Caligo by Spor and Seeing Sounds by DLR.
Again there are much more releases that I love but those two albums were just amazing.

Do you have an ultimate goal in your music carrier?
A:I think my biggest goal would be to hear a track of me in a live-set of a DJ I always looked up to.

Thank you very much for a great interview!

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